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Market Development

We work with companies that may face challenges identifying how to correctly market their products and services in a way that resonates with their target audiences.

Companies often overlook the most important step in this process: defining the world their buyers live in and the challenges they face. We call this the user or buyer persona and it is the first step we take with all of our projects. By defining the personas first, it allows us to craft campaigns that use the right tone and messaging, sent via the right delivery channels, at the right times and frequency to engage your buyers.

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Market Positioning

Once personas are defined and documented, we turn our attention to the competitive landscape of your market. We assess where you stand against similar companies identifying the similarities and pay special attention to areas of your business that make you superior to your competitors.

The result of both of these steps is a deep understanding of both your internal organization and external audience. Armed with this knowledge, we can design and develop websites that speak to your buyers and create marketing programs to reach them where they live and do business.

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