What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is how your current and potential customers find you via search engines. Think of SEO as your website’s way of having a conversation with the Search Engines. Does everything make sense on your site? Are you using clear, defined language that search engines can read and understand? This is dependent upon how your website is built and structured from a technical standpoint. Some technical SEO tactics include

  • On-page SEO
  • Optimized metadata
  • Keyword optimized header tags
  • Compressed file sizes to increase page speed and website loading times
  • Optimized ALT tags (these are tags that get attached to images as search engines cannot read an image, they read the ALT tag)
  • Structured data (Schema markup)
  • And more.


Begin with an SEO audit

Our SEO services begin with an all-encompassing audit of your site health and identify areas that are contributing, both positively and negatively, to your overall SEO strategy. We want to find out how search engines are looking at your website, and what their impression of it is in its current digital state. From there, we will incorporate our best-in-class SEO strategies and practices to ensure your site is optimized for the search engines to get you found by your target audiences.

The SEO services we provide are not only meant to perform better with the search engines but to also enhance the user experience on your website. The user experience is one of the most vital components for building a successful website. Search engines are putting increased importance on website engagement - how your audience uses and interacts with your company online. From bounce rates to average session times, the better your engagement metrics the more favorable your SEO rankings will be. 

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