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Marketing Automation & CRM

You are likely creating demand and getting leads through multiple channels: web inquiries, referrals, outbound marketing, social, etc. We will help you automate lead follow-up and nurturing processes with marketing automation technology so that you can capitalize on that interest and stay top-of-mind with your key industries.

We will also help you capture critical customer and prospect data in an easy-to-use CRM tool. You will be armed with specific information about your target markets so that you can send the right message at the right time.

Our onboarding process ensures that your marketing automation and CRM tools are set up correctly and your team is trained properly to take full advantage of your technology investment. We will help you maintain and expand your marketing automation program to create measurable results.

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Email Marketing

Not all your customers and prospects are on the same buying timeline. Some may be ready for immediate purchase, while others may just be beginning their process of evaluating their options. With email marketing, you can streamline product promotions, create anticipation for special sales or events, introduce new products, and educate your target audience.

We will create strategic email marketing campaigns to ensure your target groups are always in the know about what is going on in your organization. We will also craft non-sales-focused campaigns, like quarterly newsletters, that help solidify your relationship with your customer and prospects base by sharing educational content.

We will also help you segment your contacts by key criteria such as industry, geography, job title, and product so that you can send relevant email marketing messages promoting your products and services.

Sales Improvement & Empowerment

Empower Your Team with Automation and Insight

Marketing automation and CRM technologies also serve as powerful internal tools to help your sales team improve their processes and be empowered with greater insight into their territories.

Utilizing workflows, we can automate tedious tasks like sending an introductory email to a lead or setting reminders to follow up within a certain timeframe. We can use triggers to automatically move prospects through your sales process so that your team isn’t bogged down with data management.

You and your team will also be empowered to use your data to create reports that look at trends in your customer and prospect base such as industry, deal size, product saturation, and more.

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Metrics & Reporting

Analyze and Measure to Make Better Decisions

You want to know how your marketing and sales efforts are working to drive engagement with your customers and prospects and how can you build on those successes.

Your marketing automation and CRM technology will track sales and marketing activities to provides valuable performance metrics. Through those analytics and reporting, you will have sound data to draw upon when making future sales and marketing investments.

Increase your sales and marketing process.

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