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Synchronicity has worked with Alpha High Theft Solutions for several years. As a leader in hi- tech anti theft devices for consumer products, the team at Alpha felt their website no longer conveyed their value proposition nor provided customers with a good way to view products and make informed purchase decisions. That’s where Synchronicity stepped in.

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Challenges and Objectives

Easier Exploration

Alpha High Theft needed a total redesign of their current website. The bounce rate on the site had been increasing as the site became more dated and the amount of new business inquiries on the site had dropped as a result. The redesigned site would need to allow for easy browsing of product lines and a frictionless user experience in order to drive site conversion of users into contacts and ultimately customers. Additionally, it was clear that a new SEO strategy was needed to boost organic sessions.

Design Strategy & User Experience

User Focused, Updated Asethetics

Our first step was establishing updated user personas for the site. As a product driven company, we placed a large emphasis on UX and how it needed to place a renewed focus on the wide variety of solutions Alpha High Theft offers and present those solutions in a more visual way to drive overall customer conversion. The branding was kept in place, and we worked with their existing color palette to give the site a more polished, modern feel in keeping with the technology Alpha High Theft’s products are known for. We also focused on creating additional space and new opportunities to incorporate their impactful product imagery. Lastly, we crafted a custom product selector that allows a user to enter dimensions of a solution they are looking for and have it tell the customer what product(s) will match their particular need.


mobile web design

Narrative & Tone

Easier Exploration

Utilizing the updated personas we created, we crafted a new site narrative that speaks to Alpha High Theft’s expertise and longevity in the industry. Additionally, we presented clearer descriptions of the features and benefits of each product along with a focus on CTAs to enable customers to request products samples without having to make extra clicks.


Launch and Beyond

The new site is scheduled for launch February 2021.

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