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The folks at Bonitz wanted to tell a story. Their story. And their website wasn’t doing it. They came to Sync looking to refresh their brand aesthetic and share their company culture more compellingly with their customers. And we delivered. The new was launched in the summer of 2018.


Telling their story in a new way.



Better Brand Experience

Bonitz felt the tone of their website did not convey who they were as a company, nor were they confident in their website’s ability to quickly communicate their services to potential customers. As a result, their website wasn’t doing a very good job of driving leads. And the kicker, their high profile case studies were getting lost in the clutter.



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Design and Tone

We tackled brand messaging and tone in one fell swoop: through collaboration with Sync’s team, Bonitz’s new company narrative places its company culture front and center. Bonitz’s clientele is now immediately armed with information about their lively history and values. The new homepage is easy to scan and easily communicates services offered. Visitors are quickly positioned to sample the full spectrum of Bonitz’s service offerings and may inquire with one click; a feat previously out of reach.



Establishing a new communication standard

Our unique discovery process conducted by Sync’s internal marketing team dove deep to find the best way to communicate Bonitz’s overall company narrative and tone. Incorporating Bonitz’s thriving company culture was an integral force we manifested with responsive design and renewed content messaging.


Improved User Experiences

We wanted to improve the user journey for Bonitz’s prospects, so we custom crafted personal business personas to climb into the heads of their company’s biggest target audiences. From there we executed an easily accessible navigation, emboldened CTAs to encourage lead generation, and expanded the contact page to spotlight service offerings geographically. Additionally, Bonitz’s high-profile project case studies celebrated a revival, as they were previously buried beneath scores of jumbled messaging.


Upon launch Bonitz eagerly reintroduced their online brand and received accolades on the redesign from customers and employees alike. We look forward to a long and thriving relationship with Bonitz.

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