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Thousands of chemical products...

Noah Technologies’ first website was built back when computers were wood-burning. The Texas chemical company had been in business since 1978 and they felt like they were missing opportunities online. They asked us to help them create an eCommerce style site that would generate leads, build them a brand, and generally improve their customer experience. We did just that when www.NoahTech.com launched in August 2016.

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Integration challenges

Noah Tech’s original site was old-fashioned in several ways; it wasn’t mobile-friendly and it required customers call in instead of offering forms for specific inquiries. We had to find a way to integrate their inventory software – itself featuring thousands of chemical products – into an eCommerce platform. The search function had to be multi-dimensional and instantly updating. Because there are legal restrictions to purchasing commercial chemicals online, the system had to process “orders” without actually processing them. It was complicated, to say the least.


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Design Strategy

Working with an older brand

Noah Tech looked to us for online branding guidance. They weren’t sure what to consider when marketing themselves online, so we spent a lot of time discussing colors and fonts and logos, all integral elements of a brand. As with every design, the goal was to balance that fine line between what a client wants and what their site needs. Noah did a great job inspiring us by showing us websites they loved and pointing out ones they didn’t.


Marketing Strategy

The need for visibility

The most important marketing objective for Noah Tech was to be found online. Without any SEO backbone or previous digital marketing, they weren’t what you’d call “visible.” It was also critical to carve out a niche market to focus on; there are some heavy-hitters in the chemical space that can’t and shouldn’t be competed against. In the end, Noah’s marketing strategy focuses on large-scale chemical buyers who need high-purity compounds, namely researchers, manufacturers, industrial businesses, and the like.



Smooth transition

Executing Noah Tech’s project was complex. The transition had to be seamless and it had to integrate several different third-party software platforms to manage aspects like inventory. They were already playing catch-up, so we knew we had to get it right the first time. Successful implementation relied on utilizing our experience in both e-commerce and digital strategy.


Launch and Beyond

The numbers don’t lie: Comparing 2018 data to 2019 data reveals an increase in qualified site traffic of 153.07%, an increase in new users of 154.77%, and a 94.47% increase in the number of pages each visitor sees. Noah Tech’s site isn’t just more functional than it used to be, it’s actively generating highly-qualified leads.


Increase in new site visitors from 2018 to 2019


Increase in page views

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