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Meet Wyatt Seal.

Wyatt Seal distributes and engineers customized sealing solutions across a wide variety of industries including Chemical, Industrial, Oil & Gas, and more. As a leading manufacturer of products that control the flow of fluids through sealing technologies, Wyatt Seal has been the go-to company to find solutions for even the most complex sealing conditions for nearly 50 years.

01. Discovery

The Problem.

Synchronicity was originally hired by Wyatt Seal in 2016 to redesign their website that had not been updated in over 10 years. We were re-engaged again in 2019 to further enhance the design and functionality of their website. At the same time, Wyatt Seal was preparing to transition their internal focus to attracting and engaging prospects through digital marketing and turned to the team at Synchronicity to map out a custom strategy.

02. Strategy

The Solutions.

The Synchronicity digital marketing team collaborated with key Wyatt Seal stakeholders to create a multi-faceted 12-month plan and set measurable goals. The result was a strategy focused on content marketing, utilizing marketing automation technology, and aligning marketing efforts with the needs of the Wyatt Seal sales team

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03. Execution

The Delivery.

As the redesigned Wyatt Seal website was wrapping up, the digital marketing plan was put into action. While the timing of some efforts was adjusted due to Covid-19, all facets of their strategy were ultimately executed, and we were able to achieve significant results despite the challenges of 2020.

04. Results 

12 months after launch

In one year we achieved the following website and social media results for Wyatt Seal:


Generated 172 Marketing Qualified Leads


Increased Organic Traffic by 150%


Improved Overall Social Media Traffic by 41%


Increased Overall Traffic by 126%


Reduced Website Bounce Rate by 38%

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